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Marbella Club Beach Resort, Spain: Loved by Jet-Set Families

"Marbella Club Beach Club"

View of the Marbella Club Beach Club Pool

By LittleValet

What & Where is Marbella Club

The resort town of Marbella on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol is a classic jet-set destination. Its star hotel is Marbella Club resort.

  • This gracious, beautiful beach resort has hosted generations of socially prominent families
  • When the kids grow up, they bring their own children here
  • Getting to Marbella Club is easier than ever for North Americans, thanks to nonstop flights to the new international airport in nearby Malaga

Marbella Club’s Dreamy Beach

Marbella’s “Golden Mile” shoreline is considered by many travelers the best beach in Spain.

  • Marbella is set near the extreme southern tip of Spain, not far from Gibraltar
  • On a clear day, you can see forever, all the way to Africa

Marbella Club’s Extraordinary Heritage

Marbella Club is an upscale destination resort with a rich history of royals and celebrities.

It all started when Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe fell hopelessly in love with a piece of land on the Golden Mile.

There was nothing here when this eccentric Spanish royal opened his hotel in 1954. Locals would come on horseback over the dirt roads to use the hotel’s telephone.

All of a Sudden, Sleepy Marbella was the Jet-Set Paradise

But Prince Alfonso’s dynastic family tree went back a thousand years. He knew the world and its bigshots and how to entertain them.

His challenge: to get them them to know his his Mediterranean beach hotel. So he invited all his cousins in various European palaces plus his buddies and girlfriends in Hollywood.

They came, and they made Marbella Club their own annual tradition. Now their kids, all grown up, come with their kids, and pass along their love of the resort.

Can We Name Names?

Early guests included silver screen idols and royals.

  • Grace Kelly (later Princess Grace of Monaco), Greta Garbo, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn
  • Later, Ava Gardner and Kim Novak came, and were romanced by the Prince
  • In the 80s ad 90s, Princess Diana checked in

The Prince had succeeded.

Marbella Club is still a haunt of aristocrats, royals, moguls, and celebrities. They like its informality and the fact that they can relax here and dance barefoot under the stars.

  • The Swedish royal family visits, and Princess Estelle took her very first vacation here at just a few months old, in 2012
  • First Lady Michelle Obama spent a whole summer in Marbella
  • Antonio Banderas comes every summer to visit his hometown

While most of Marbella Club’s guests aren’t gossip-column fodder, an air of celebrity permeates the resort.

  • Marbella Club guest Sazzo commented on TripAdvisor, “I felt as if I had slipped into the set of a Bond movie, it was timeless.”

Dress Casually, but Remember

To pack your best resort wardrobe, because you might sit next to a future king or queen at breakfast!

The Marbella Club’s New Dynasty

Prince Alfonso passed away in 2003. But Marbella Club thrives as a reliably high-quality getaway — for couples and for families.

Just as the Prince was part of a family, so are many Marbella Club guests. And parents love Marbella Club as much as their kids.

What Marbella Club Looks & Feels Like

Marbella Club fits the lofty definition of a true luxury hotel. And it is unique: truly unlike any other hotel.

  • The hotel is built like a village, with tree-shaded cottages
  • The resort is set in a stunning botanical garden with over 500 kinds of plants and flowers
  • And…it is set directly on the beach in Marbella

Despite its vast property and many restaurants, the hotel has only 115 rooms and suites and another 15 villas.

  • So it can be considered a boutique hotel,very intimate and cozy.Why Parents Love Marbella Club
    • Rooms and villas are frequently renovated with all necessary comforts for a family traveling
    • And the resort offers many different options for dining, relaxing, and entertainment
    • There are four restaurants within the hotel and various spots to lounge and sip a drink or coffee
    • And two lovely pools, and of course the luscious beach, lined with chaise lounges

    Kids Have Their Own Experiences at Marbella Cub, So Parents Can Relax

    Marbella Club lets parents spend as much (or as little) time with their kids as the family wants. Kids are cherished guests here, with myriad spaces and activities just for them.

    • These are activities that kids want to do and places where they want to be
    • Kids can also explore the resort and Marbella with an excellent nanny recommended by the concierge
    The Marbella Club Kids Club

    View of the garden at the Marbella Club Kid´s Club

    Once the Kids Are Settled, Indulge Yourself

    Aah, just you two grownups again, content that your children are as well taken care of as you are. Relax by the pool or beach. Play some golf on the resort’s famous 18-hole course. Catch up on your reading, your sleep, or each other.

    And savor in these incredible dining experiences. For one: start your day in an amazing way with the Pol Roger Champagne breakfast.

    • That’s unlimited Pol Roger, made famous as Winston Churchill’s favorite bubbly

    Marbella Club’s buffet lunch sounds old-fashioned, but this one is justly renowned.

    • You can order (unlimited!) lobster, grilled crayfish, and precious Pata Negra Iberian ham from the waiters
    • I’m a mom, so let me say: don’t overindulge on the starters from the buffet!

    The Music Room

    The music room at Marbella Club Kid´s´Club

    And There’s More Next Door to Marbella Cub

    A momentary stroll down the beach path is Puente Romano, Marbella Club’s sister hotel.

    • It has several very good restaurants
    • And one of the best tennis clubs in racquet-crazed Spain, where kids as young as three can take lessons

    Bottom Line: Marbella Club Is an Upscale Vacation for the Whole Family

    Kids are very happy here…and even picky teenagers find their scene at Marbella Club.

    • Some parents hardly see their busy kids while at Marbella Club. And it works for everyone.

      Why Kids Go Ape for Marbella Club

      Parents, you already know this: that kids of all ages have a “b.s. detector.” They’re hard to impress, and many kids consider themselves too cool for a resort’s Kids Club.

      Not at Marbella Club. Even very critical youngsters are impressed by Marbella Club’s Kids Club. My honest opinion, and that of my two young ones: the Kids Club is a kingdom for children.

      What’s Amazing about Marbella Club’s Kids Club

      In a sense, the entire resort revolves around the Kids Club, as least physically. Let me explain.

    • The spirit of Marbella Club’s larger-than-life founder, Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, is present throughout the property. This is all the more true in the Kids Club — which the hotel decided to locate in the former private villa of the Prince.Now, it’s almost like the Prince is there, urging kids to love what they’re doing and cherish the moment.What Can Kids Do at Marbella Club?The Kids Cub lets kids explore and learn and have exciting new experiences.Participants can make friends with other young guests and have adventures together. The range of options is incredible. There’s something for every age and every temperament, which is unusual in kids clubs.
      • Kids have their own pool, beach section, and playgrounds
      • They have nature and sporting activities on land, on the beach, in the water

      Kinds can take all sorts of  fun group activities:

      • Cooking classes with a chef (that begin with picking veggies and herbs in the organic garden)
      • Classes in guitar, flamenco, dance, pottery, painting, jewelry-making, and more
      • An unusual perfume-making workshop in which kids create their own scents using flowers, herbs, spices, and more that grows at Marbella Club.Who Can Use the Kids Cub?
      • Little ones under the age of four must be accompanied by an adult (a parent or an excellent local nanny recommended by the concierge)
      • Kids four and up can be on their own at the Kids Club
      • Tweens and teens have their own cool things to do and social events
      • The Kids Club is open year-round
      • There’s a per-diem charge that’s waived for families staying in a villa or in two hotel rooms
      • Best Times to Visit Marbella Club

        • Early spring is divine: the property’s botanical garden is in full bloom and the weather is mild
        • September and October are lovely months too, with a crisp Indian Summer feeling
        • However, August is high season on the Costa del Sol, when everything is be super-busy

        Best Rooms at Marbella Club

        For families who prefer a lot of privacy, Marbella Club has some stunning private villas with private pools.

        Other families are delighted by the beachfront suites.

        • They’re next door to the Kids Club
        • The sea view is mesmerizing
        • It’s very easy to access the amazing beach walking path that stretches 10 miles from Marbella to Puerto Banos
        • The path is perfect for a morning walk or run, or to stroll barefoot on the wet sand with your kids.
        • Best Stories at Marbella Club: from Count RudiIf you have the chance, say hello to friendly Count Rudi. He was the founding General Manager of Marbella Club. Now in his 80s, he drops by the hotel nearly every day.
          • Everybody in Marbella knows him and his elegant wife Princess Marie Louise, a cousin of Queen Sofia of Spain
          • Count Rudi is a hypnotic storyteller with tales of Marbella Club’s glamorous past…and present!

          How to Get in Tough with Marbella Club

          Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa
          Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe
          29600 Marbella, Spain


          " The Marbella Club Pier"

          "The Marbella Club Pier"

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